We offer the wide range of legal services in the following areas which include but not limited to;

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Assist our clients to amicable dispute settlement outside the court of law by way of Mediation, Conciliation, negotiations, or Arbitration. Arbitration.


  • Represent our clients in civil or criminal litigations in multiple areas of law.

Non – Contentious Matters

  • Conveyance of Properties

    • We assist our clients to transfer properties through established procedures for the transfer as the case may be. Properties referred are both movable properties such as cars, shares, negotiable instruments, goods, etc, and immovable properties such as land by way of sale, purchase, gift, assignment, mortgage, etc.
  • Consultancy

    • We are offering professional/expert advice on a legal aspect of credit advancement, credit advancement securities, mortgage financing, capital markets and securities, and credit risks.
  • Legal Consultations

    • We listen to our client’s legal problems and offer a solution to overcome those problems.
  • Legal Opinions

    • We prepare legal opinions to respond to various legal issues facing our clients.
  • Escrow Services

    • We act as an impartial third party that protects two individuals (legal or natural persons) in a business transaction by holding and regulating payments. This service is important to secure completion of business transaction free from any fraud or theft. That all parties in a transaction are protected against 2 business malpractice i.e. non-payment or non-delivery of goods or services. Payments can only be made when parties have discharged their contractual obligations.

  • Drafting Legal Documents

    • We draft various legal documents necessary for assisting our clients to obtain various service in government offices or elsewhere such as affidavits, deed polls, contracts, power of attorney, articles of association, memorandum of association, memorandum of understanding, etc.
  • Certification of Documents

    • We notarise and certify documents for the latter to have legal effect for the purpose of obtaining services from government offices or elsewhere.
  • Businesses Registration

    • We assist our clients to register businesses in the United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Other Related Services

    • Contact us for any other legal issue.

Pro bono services

Rotham Law Chamber is committed to serving members of the public in their search for justice. Thus, Rotham Law Chamber offers legal services pro bono on Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 13:00hrs

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