The Mission of Rotham Law Chamber is to assist the general public to access and achieve justice through provision of the best legal services.


Rotham Law Chamber is recognized as the leading law firm in the United Republic of Tanzania for its expertise in law and best legal services.

Core Values


J – Just knock on our door or invite us and we will be happy to serve you.

U – Unconditional legal services to be offered to our clients pursuant to the law.

S – SMART principles are at all times applicable in providing our services.

T – Timely provision of our required services.

I – Interests of our clients prevail over ours pursuant to laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.

C – Committed to offering our services with due diligence, integrity, intelligence, knowledge & skills, competence, sophistication, dedication, confidentiality, accountability, and professionalism.

E – Equality is our motivation in serving our clients.

Quality Statement

Rotham Law Chamber embraces quality at all times in offering its legal services. For the purpose of ensuring quality is maintained, Rotham Law Chamber is committed to offering useful legal advice; maintain proper standards; foreseeing legal risks and mitigate them; updating legal knowledge and skills through continuing legal education (CLE) via various symposiums; and; comply with requirements of a legal profession.

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